Call for Speaker Proposals

Now accepting speaker proposals for Partners in Prevention 2020

Submission Instructions

If you would like to be considered as a speaker, please submit a one-page outline or abstract (no more than 250 words) and include information on your credentials as a presenter.

Submissions for Partners in Prevention 2020 are now being accepted. Proposals should be submitted electronically to:

Sherry Kirkpatrick, Manager Events & Programming Delivery

About the Conference

Partners in Prevention 2020 Health & Safety Conference & Trade Show will take place Spring of 2020. Date to be announced shortly.

The conference education program features speakers from across North America and provides excellent opportunities for training and networking with health and safety professionals, human resource professionals, health and safety technical specialists, health and safety managers, risk managers, emergency response personnel, and much more.

We are inviting speaker proposals in the following areas:

  • Specific hazards and best practices
  • Leadership and management
  • Healthy workplaces
  • Research in health and safety

Sessions and Workshops

Sessions are either one-hour concurrent presentations or 2-1/2 hour workshops.   We will assume your proposal is for a one-hour concurrent unless indicated otherwise in your abstract.  Of critical importance is the requirement that session content must be action oriented, providing take-aways or action plans for attendees.  As part of your submission, please also indicate the level of your content – that is, fundamentals, intermediate, or advanced. 

For those submitting a research in health and safety abstract please note that the proposed session must highlight the transfer of research to industry practice and be able to showcase how the research can be applied to the workplace.  Submissions selected will  focus on the results of the research,discuss workplace implications, and provide recommendations that delegates can take back and apply to their workplace. We highly recommend that a representative from an industry organization / workplace that participated in the project act as a co-presenter.

Professional Development Courses

Partners in Prevention 2020 will offer a small selection of Professional Development Courses before and after the conference. Potential instructors are invited to submit proposals containing content outline of the proposed course, as well as background and credentials of the instructor.

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