2018 Speakers

Opening Keynote: Tuesday, May 1

Seth Mattison

Trend Spotter | Workforce Strategist | Management Renegade
Internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics.

The Future of Work Today: Insights from the New World of Work

Mattison blends storytelling from his own experiences working with many Fortune 100 organizations, with cutting-edge research to shed new light on the key trends impacting each generation in the workplace today. His engaging and highly customized programs provide insight into how each generation developed its core values, how those values manifest at work, and why the generations can not only operate alongside each other, but can do so with extraordinary success.

We are entering the greatest period of business transformation the world has ever known. The rigid models we’ve come to count upon for centuries are no longer reliable and in many instances, even considered irrelevant. The constant state of disruption we are experiencing mandates a bold new approach. Seth’s presentation is designed to help attendees navigate a new business landscape where the pace of change is elevating and collaboration is the key ingredient to unleashing the innovation required to compete and win. Content includes deep insights into what’s coming next in the new world of work for leaders at all levels; unique perspectives on the macro drivers of change and a deep understanding of how employees attitudes and behaviors are evolving; and a new framework to see beyond the fades and more clearly understand the trends certain to impact the business landscape over the coming decade.

Tuesday Lunch

Dr. Greg Wells

CTV Sport Science Analyst and Human Physiologist

Eat. Sleep. Move.

Dr. Wells is an assistant professor in kinesiology at the University of Toronto and an associate scientist of physiology and experimental medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children. At U of T, Dr. Wells studies elite sport performance, and at Sick Kids he leads the Exercise Medicine Research Program where his team explores how to use exercise to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic illnesses in children.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wells has coached, trained and inspired dozens of elite athletes to win medals at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympics. He has studied athletic performance in some of the most severe conditions on the planet. As a high school student, Dr. Wells broke his neck in a freak accident while swimming in the ocean. Told by his doctor that he would never perform as an athlete again, he went on to compete at the international level in swimming. He has competed in events such as the Nanisivik Marathon 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Ironman Canada, and the Tour D’Afrique, a grueling 11,000-kilometre event that is the longest bike race in the world.

The world is in a health crisis. Consider these facts. We are in a global “sleeplessness epidemic” that affects close to 20% of the population. More than 30% of the population of the United States are obese and the rates of obesity are lower but increasing in other countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, India and China. Non-communicable diseases (diseases that are not infectious) such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are now the leading cause of death in all parts of the world except Africa.

The world health crisis is being caused by three main factors: poor sleep, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition. The answer to the world’s health challenge is therefore incredibly simple. We need to Eat Better, Move Better and Sleep Better. Dr. Wells shows audiences how they can improve their health, fitness and performance using simple techniques that can make incredible differences in their lives.

Wednesday Keynote

Amanda Lindhout

Kidnap Survivor | Bestselling Author | Journalist

In 2008, Amanda Lindhout traveled to Somalia — a country often called “the most dangerous place on earth”. Early on in her visit, she was abducted by a group of masked men along a dusty road. Held hostage for 460 days, Amanda now shares her message of forgiveness, peace-building, human rights, and education.

Amanda’s multiple-award-winning memoir of her experience in Somalia, A House in the Sky, has been on The Globe and Mail’s “Top Ten Bestsellers” list for a record breaking three and a half years. Optioned for a film by Hollywood production company Annapurna Pictures (Zero Dark Thirty, Her, American Hustle, Joy, Foxcatcher) with Oscar-nominated actress Rooney Mara playing the role of Amanda, the movie’s release is expected in 2018.

An internationally renowned speaker, Amanda has shared stages with such luminaries as Bill Clinton and Richard Branson. She has visited over 25 countries to share her story, captivating audiences as large as 25,000 people. She is also the founder of The Global Enrichment Foundation, a non-profit organization that has raised close to $3 million to help educate and empower women and children in Somalia and Kenya.

Wednesday Lunch

Dave Carroll

Singer-Songwriter | Author

United Breaks Guitars

Our closing keynote will look at today’s shifting landscapes in terms of the power of social media and the need for ‘compassionate design’.

In today’s socially connected environment no customer is statistically insignificant, and business must embrace the new reality that strives for one hundred percent satisfaction. A system with a goal of anything less is risking irrevocable brand challenges.

Dave Carroll wasn’t the first person abused by an airline’s customer service. But after United Airlines broke Dave’s guitar in checked luggage, he was the first to show how one person, armed with creativity, some friends, $150, and the Internet, could turn an entire industry upside down.

In this humorous and enlightening presentation, Dave describes his process in developing what Google has referred to as “one of the most important videos in our history.” He also shares the global implications of this video in the areas of social media, branding and customer experience as a backdrop to a deeper message: that we are all fundamentally connected, that simple changes in your perspective can inject caring into your business, and that an organization founded upon ‘compassionate design’ makes for a happier, more productive, and more profitable environment.


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